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    Terms & Conditions

    These terms and conditions are based around all interactions between myself, Harley Cummins, and my clients and customers; this includes quotations, paid work, unpaid work, and everything related.

    Quoted work

    All work that I take on is quoted prior to the work commencing (except for ‘rush rate’ work). The work is also approved by the client prior to any amount of time being lodged against a project.

    Quotations are an estimate only, and for this reason the costings and projected hours may change (reasonably) due to things outside of my control. These might include, but aren’t limited to:

    • software issues;
    • supplied material (delays, or if of unacceptable quality);
    • communication delays (including proofs and approvals);
    • change of project components (addition or removal of features).

    Immediately upon the realisation of a potential change in hours or costings to you, I will inform you as soon as possible, and will not proceed with any work until these times are approved. All hours of work to this date are billable, at my discretion.

    Intellectual property

    Unless otherwise stated, all of the preliminary and unapproved concepts, ideas, imagery, video, and designs are my intellectual property. Preliminary designs refers to early material which is used to provide an idea or basic concept surrounding the work I am about to do for you, where that material would be usable in other work or for other clients. When you approve a basic design or idea, it is now exclusive to you (within reason) and will not be duplicated or cloned in future work, or for other clients.

    The idea behind this clause is to say that I can re-use a general layout idea of a website, however I can’t copy and paste your website and on-sell that to another client.


    All of my work carried out holds a warranty for a minimum of two weeks following the issuing of the final invoice, which protects you against defects that are caused by:

    • minor software upgrades (e.g. a new minor version of WordPress);
    • minor mobile/tablet device upgrades (e.g. a new firmware or browser version);
    • change in development coding practice.

    This warranty is reasonably supported by me; for example, if a piece of text doesn’t line up the way you want it, and you notice it a month after the project finishes, I will most likely jump in and fix it quickly for you. The warranty specifically does not include new major versions of browsers or changes to code (for example, 24 months after your website is built, the latest version of Chrome breaks it).