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    The Madden Brothers

    Web Development

    The Madden Brothers are a musical duo, consisting of Good Charlotte band members Benji Madden and Joel Madden. With the upcoming launch of their new album in late 2014, the band’s media organisers invited myself, along with two other freelancers, to submit a proposal to win over the work.

    Being such a huge client, we knew we’d have to do our best – and we did. We decided to harness the huge following on social media that the band has, to create a kind of online ‘dashboard’ which linked twitter, instagram, and facebook. Take a look.

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      Solution architecture and target market research

      With such a large fanbase, The Madden Brothers have a huge advantage with capturing their audience. Being celebrities, we were able to focus less on capturing the attention of the audience and prioritise the display of valuable content to users. With social media being such a huge factor in their popularity, we opted for an approach to create an online 'dashboard'.

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      Preliminary designs

      With our sights set on the usage of a highly visual website, our group of freelancers designed a clean interface that set the main focus on media posted by the band members, Benji and Joel Madden. The band members approved our designs almost immediately, which is a testament in itself to our creative talent.

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      The development and finished product

      With the brothers heading out on tour within a number of weeks, it's safe to say that their website needed to be done quickly and efficiently. Naturally, the website needed to be responsive on all devices, while still retaining the same functionality across everything. We completed the project, and submitted it to Universal Music Group with plenty of praise from them.