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    Car Finance Australia

    Web Development

    Car Finance Australia is a new finance organisation from Brisbane, Australia. The company approached us, a small group of freelancers at the time, requiring a complete branding and identity set-up, as well as an online presence and a fully-functioning online finance application form.

    After researching the trends of the company’s target market, we came back with a modern, timeless logo accompanied with complete branding guidelines, including an attention-grabbing colour scheme and clean, highly-functioning website.

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      Branding & Identity

      When myself and several other freelancers were approached by Car Finance Australia, the company was in its very early stages, with no branding or identity other than the name. We spoke in great detail to the founders, and were able to accurately isolate their needs for branding and the creation of a business image. The main target market focus is fortunately very specific, so we were able to use a unique 'look and feel' with the logo design and website concepts.

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      Requirement & Functional Analysis

      With the internet being the predominant form of information transfer, as well as the extremely high usage of mobile devices, the website naturally was required to be responsive. There was also the need for finance applications to be submitted online, which had numerous benefits, some of which include shaving down any unnecessary time for customer-business communication (saving business resources), as well as allowing customers an easy, online-based application.

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      Cutting-edge design

      The website was build with a 'mobile-first' priority; given the younger generation target market, mobile phones hold the largest percentage of visitors. The website makes use of smooth, subtle jQuery and CSS3 animations, as well as the latest HTML5 code defintions. The website is able to leave an impact on visitors, in quite a subtle manner. One of my favourite points of the website is the video present on the home page, which was filmed specifically for Car Finance Australia.