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    Palm Beach Iced Tea

    Web Development

    Palm Beach Iced Tea is an Australian company who manufactures and sells all natural drinks, particularly Iced Tea. The team are friendly, honest, and their product is one which speaks for itself. I had the opportunity to fix up a few leftover bugs on their website, after the original designer went AWOL.

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      A designer gone astray...

      Unfortunately, it's not all happy rainbows in the business of website design and development. Clashes happen, companies collapse, and more often that not, someone will take on a task that's a little out of their skill reach. In this case, All Natural Palm Beach hired a designer to complete their website, and unfortunately dropped out of contact when the project was only partially completed.

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      Searching for issues

      The website had several different issues - with the usage of a music player plugin, the music would reset after each click through the website. The contact forms were partially broken, images didn't line up, and all-in-all it was a messy situation. Additionally, there was some server-based configuration which needed to be completed, including the redirection and parking of domain names to lead to the main website.

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      The solution

      Being able to isolate problems is one of my key skills. I was able to find out quite quickly what the major issues were, and fix them within a matter of days. While this had to be done on a live environment, all changes were made using an IP-specific filter which allowed the initial functionality to not change for visitors, while allowing me to test and perfect my solutions. At the end, the client was very happy to have a fully-functioning website, with smooth AJAX-based navigation to create a streamlined interface.