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Coffee Workshop

Web Development

Coffee Workshop is a multi-disciplinary shop located in Glenunga, where they do a mixture of coffee-related services. These services range from selling machines and tools, to complete workplace, home, and cafe setups. You can hire a machine for events and functions, take a training class to perfect your latte art, or fit out your restaurant with a commercial machine.

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    Event planning

    As a major sponsor of Unley's upcoming Double Shot! Coffee Fiesta, Coffee Workshop needed a website built to compliment both the festival, and their existing online store. While we were at it, we decided that a photoshoot would be a good idea in order to get some valuable, original imagery and content. I can't recommend doing a photoshoot enough - nothing is more unique than photography of your own store or business.

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    Capturing the audience

    With the Double Shot! festival being a public event, there's a lot of stakeholders, and a lot of buzz leading up to the day. A huge advantage to this is there being a lot of online traffic, especially considering the participation of a radio station at the event. The website needed lots of links, and to provide plenty of opportunity for visitors to lead on to the 'parent' website - Coffee Workshop's online store.

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    Pre-existing branding

    The main requirement for the website was to align with existing branding and advertising material - the page needed to be abstract, fun, and exciting, while still being able to portray information required for a very diverse target market.